Sciences de la vie: Nouvel outil de recherche de listages de séquences extraits de brevets et de demandes de brevets

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Biological Toolkit

Species and keyword Search

Search for patent documents that declare at least one sequence in their sequence listings section as derived from a specific species combined with a keyword full text search within the corpus of more than 320,000 biological patents.

PatSeq Finder

Compare and analyze your sequence of interest with our Patent Sequence (PatSeq) database that consists of about 150 million sequence listing entries extracted from granted or published patent documents across 15 jurisdictions. PatSeq Finder results page allows viewing of integrated patent and sequence information and alignment of related segments of sequence listing entries based on BLAST tool version 2.2.28. Here, you can filter, select, and compare related sequence segments, review their alignment details, and even share results in various formats with others or link to the patent document information available in the Lens.

PatSeq Explorer

Navigate sequence listing entries from granted and published patent documents as mapped with various similarity and coverage thresholds onto a specific genome and in this case, the human genome. View the mapped PatSeq data at the genome or chromosome level, filter by sequence-based criteria or search by patent attributes and zoom in to analyze patent and sequence data at the locus or sequence detailed level using another tool, PatSeq Analyzer. The analyzer allows you to navigate and compare the current patenting activity surrounding a particular chromosomal region. Additional links to the OMIM database is available at the Chromosome level so that you can view associated diseases and traits with a particular chromosomal locus.

Articles qui discutent de cet outil:

Nature Biotechnology

Queensland University of Technology


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