Rapport intéressant du USPTO sur les liens entre la PI et l’économie américaine

Voir le rapport du USPTO

Extraits intéressants comme:

Between 2010 and 2011, the economic recovery led to a 1.6 percent increase in direct employment in IP-intensive industries, faster than the 1.0 percent growth in non-IP-intensive industries. Growth in copyright-intensive industries (2.4 percent), patent-intensive industries (2.3 percent), and trademark-intensive industries (1.1 percent) all outpaced gains in non-IP-intensive industries.

Avec plusieurs tableaux de statistiques intéressantes (voir dans le document pdf)  comme:

Table 2. Percent of Product and Process Innovations for which Patents were Considered an Effective Mechanism for Appropriating the Returns to Innovation, by Industry.

Table 3. Industries with Above-Average Trademark Intensity

Table 4. Industries with Five or More Appearances in the Listings of Top 50 Trademark Registering Companies, FY 2006-10

Table 7. Trademark-Intensive Industries with Top 100 Global Brands in 2011

Table 8. Trademark Registrations by Class, Ranked by Number of Registrations, FY 2000-09

Ainsi que des cartes pour voir des bassins d’activités en PI aux États-Unis:

Map 2. Trademark-Intensive Industries’ Share of Covered Employment by State, 2010

Map 3. Patent-Intensive Industries’ Share of Covered Employment by State, 2010







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