L’homme du Clapham omnibus de l’affaire Beloit dans un article de La Presse hier

Je l’avais appris par coeur pour l’examen d’agent – mais j’avoue que je ne comprenais pas vraiment la référence à l’homme du “Clapham Omnibus” jusqu’à la lecture d’un article hier dans la Presse:

Rappel de l’extrait de Beloit:”The classical touchstone for obviousness is the technician skilled in the art but having no scintilla of inventiveness or imagination; a paragon of deduction and dexterity, wholly devoid of intuition; a triumph of the left hemisphere over the right. The question to be asked is whether this mythical creature (the man in the Clapham omnibus of patent law) would, in the light of the state of the art and of common general knowledge as at the claimed date of invention, have come directly and without difficulty to the solution taught by the patent. It is a very difficult test to satisfy.”

Voir l’article


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