Récents articles sur la commercialisation de PI

Exraits d’une collection mensuelle des Partenaires fédéraux en transfert de technologie:

 Commercializing Intellectual Property for Businesses, Technology and Intellectual Property Bulletin, Fasken Martineau, November 2009.  This bulletin provides an overview of some key elements of commercialization strategies which businesses can employ to maximize their return on investment when choosing to capitalize on their intellectual property’s commercial value. Read bulletin.

 Cronin, J. and DiGiammarino, P. “Understanding and unifying diverse IP strategy perspectives”, Intellectual Asset Management, January-February 2009, pages 22-26. In today’s economically uncertain era, a strong and unified IP strategy, combined with the ability to execute it, will reduce costs and risks while increasing company value. Read article.

Edwards Cronin, N., Bulakowski, A. and Bharucha, S. “Intellectual Asset Man agement Best Practices for Small Companies”, ipCapital Group, September 2009.The authors offer seven best practices as ways to achieve cost-effective intellectual property protection, given a small company’s limited resources. Read article.

 Shreve, N. and Breuer, T. “Clearing a Trademark for Use”, GC New York (New York Law Journal), May 2005.To search or not to search — that is the question! Or perhaps, “how thorough should the trademark clearance effort be,” more accurately describes the dilemma faced by inhouse counsel. Read article.

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