US: Test pour évaluer la brevetabilité de revendications sur des algorithmes

En attendant une décision dans l’affaire Bilski ce printemps, voici un test établi par le BPAI du USPTO:

Ex Parte Gutta (BPAI 2009)(Precedential)

If the a claim fails either part of the two-prong inquiry, then the claim is unpatentable as not directed to patent eligible subject matter.

(1) Is the claim limited to a tangible practical application, in which the mathematical algorithm is applied, that results in a real-world use (e.g., “not a mere field-of-use label having no significance”)?

(2) Is the claim limited so as to not encompass substantially all practical applications of the mathematical algorithm either “in all fields” of use of the algorithm or even in “only one field?”


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