Extraits du discours de la Commissaire aux brevets à la conférence LES à Montréal

Voir le lien suivant pour le discours au complet:

When IPO’s offer such standards, it produces tangible results. While Canada has the globe’s 35th largest population, CIPO receives the world’s seventh highest volume of patent applications from foreign companies. That is a significant statement on the value of quality IP rights in improving economic opportunity for Canadians.


 Obviously, CIPO’s level of IP applications is affected by the downturn.While patent filings are so far off only minimally, patent maintenance fees have dropped substantially.
And trade-mark filings are down more than 20 percent from a year ago. Our analysts say that those applications have an uncanny correlation to the numbers from the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Our expectation is that recovery in trade-mark filings will take full hold about 12 to 18 months after the start of the economic recovery.





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