Nouvel outil de recherche de brevets indiens


Tel que décrit sur le site:

After becoming a signatory to the TRIPS agreement last year and enactment of Patents (Amendment) Act in 2005, India has become the flavour of the season. But India’s patent infrastructure is still in its infancy.

The [Indian Patent Journal] has been online only for about a year now … However, this has not made the search any easier … there is no indexing… one has to search each issue manually from cover-to-cover if one needs to check on a patent application.

The need of the hour is to have all the approved patents and published applications digitised so that they can be accessed as easily as people access the US or EU patents.

From “The Patent Challenge“, Express Pharma, 13-16 July 2006.

A modern patent system requires modern data infrastructure. Searchable data on Indian applications and patents are critical to ensuring that the patent system promotes the development of new technologies, facilitates the diffusion of these technologies, and issues high-quality patents.


The bulk of the data was parsed from the Indian patent journals, beginning with those published in January, 2005, using proprietary algorithms developed by XB Labs. Data not parsable via programming were hand coded by Digital Divide Data, a non-profit social enterprise offering data entry services.

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