Jurisprudence récente: injonction interlocutoire refusée

Voir les détails dans l’affaire:
Laboratoires Servier v. Apotex Inc., 2006 FC 1493, (January 3, 2007)

À noter dans le jugement, les commentaires du juge sur les délais avant le début d’un procès, pour donner une idée de la vitesse de poursuite de dossiers à la Cour fédérale dans ce type d’affaire:

      At various times, the Plaintiffs and their affiants, including Dr. Hausman, assumed that commencement of the trial of this matter in Canada would take somewhere between 3 and 7 years. As I advised the parties at the commencement of their oral submissions, the Court is prepared to set a trial date of February 2008 and to assist, as far as possible, in realizing that date. Assuming that this trial date can be met, the assumptions of the Plaintiffs overstate the length of time that the generic perindopril would be on the market and likely would impact on the evidence as to irreparable harm.

[83]      In spite of this, I wish to make it clear that my analysis in these reasons does not rely on an early 2008 trial. For purposes of this motion, I have accepted the Plaintiffs’ assumption of three to four years to trial (but not longer). While I am optimistic that motivated parties could meet the early 2008 trial date, I believe that it would be imprudent of me to assess the issue of irreparable harm on that basis.


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